Friday, March 9, 2012

Kids are funny

"Cock cock cock" said master 21 months
"Eh?" I asked.
"Cock cock cock cock" he replied.
"Cock?" I questioned.
"Yeah" he replied.

I rolled around laughing my head off. My son was asking me for cock? What the HELL was cock? He didn't appreciate me finding humour in his lack of skills to communicate his wants, and threw a arm swinging, leg kicking tantrum, right next to me on the sofa.

After wiping away the tears, I took his little hand and said "you want cock? You show me" and he took me to the fridge where he pointed right up on top, at the gumballs.

"They aren't choc darling, they are yucky gumballs which you can't have" I told him. Then we went to the cupboard and got a couple of M&M's which made him happy.

Cock, choc, I can totally hear the resemblance :)

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