Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sometimes I wonder...

Sometimes I wonder what God was thinking when he gave me children. I might be 28 in body... ok 40 looking in body, but I'm about 15 in mind some days.

I am barely able to look after myself, let alone these snot and shit filled midget terrorists who do nothing but whinge and whine 90% of the time.


  1. You look fine to me! To me you look like a beautiful 28 year old woman! We all get like this sometimes, and kids will be kids! You are a great mother, I see it all the time! The perspective I have is different than from what you are experiencing, and I understand that! I am here for you and don't you forget that! I like you a lot Mumma Bear if you haven't figured that out yet! I wouldn't take my time to comment or care if I didn't! So eventhough I am 7k miles away, you have someone that is always going to be in your corner! :)

  2. You know, I think the same myself somedays but its just that black dog hanging around.
    You may feel this way but its far from the truth. You are my inspiration! It's a tough gig but you do so brilliantly and were born to be a mum!