Friday, April 27, 2012

Lose Your Shit Friday

So today is Friday, and I've been reading my good friends blog and decided I would do LYSF too.

So today I'm going to lose my shit about my whole week.

First it started with my car breaking down, not once, but twice this week. The first time it happened it was raining, so I got stuck 30 minutes from home in shit weather, by the time I got home I was so cranky at my bomb of a car I almost thought of ditching it to the scrap heap. Mechanics got it going again only for it to break down again yesterday. So I am now without car and with 4 kids for a week so this will be interesting.

The next thing I'm going to bitch about is my stupid unit at Uni I'm doing at the moment. Algebra was never my strong point, and this week I really struggled to learn the harder stuff. To make matters worse, I did not pass my first test, or my second one. Luckily I get to retake it and I now feel I know how to do it enough to pass. Unluckily, it took me so long to 'get it' that I missed out on doing the optional project for extra marks. 

Lastly I am going to have a bitch about asthma. My poor little 3.5 year old monster child has asthma. He's always had a touch of it but this week he's been really bad, on steroids, preventers and relievers via nebuliser and spacer. Poor little dude. He didn't have much hope though since I have severe asthma and have since I was a kid, and his father sperm donor is much the same. 

The Awesome: 

  1. My boys now have a big roomy bedroom, and the toys are in order! Mammoth effort but worth it.
  2. My laundry basket is empty. With 4 kids, that doesn't happen very often. 
  3. Dinner tonight was a hit. 4 kids polished off their home made spinach, feta and ricotta cannelloni. 
  4. The lack of car has made me have to get off my ass and walk and I feel AWESOME for it! 
  5. I can now say I know how to do complex algebra. Because that's something to put on the resume. 

It seems Friday is the day a lot of people lose their shit. It's true you know, look on Facebook or Twitter and I bet someone has had a shit day and lost their shit. 

So here's the deal. 

  1. Grab the "Lose Your Shit Friday" button from the SMOM sidebar and stick it in your sidebar or blog post. 
  2. Have a tanty blog about what made you lose your shit today/this week. Feel free to let it all out. Swearing, using CAPS and bold help you feel better when you're using them. 
  3. At the end of your tanty post, find 5 things that were A.W.E.S.O.M.E about your day/week. With crappy days, there is good. Trust me. 
  4. Link up your "Lose Your Shit Friday" post url via the linky at the end of this post.
  5. Visit the other blogs who've linked up and share the love.


    1. Oh honey I hope the sun shines on a brighter week for you next week. X

      1. Thanks Trudie :) I do too! The ups and downs of life.

    2. Argh still doing algebra hun? Can't say I envy you, Yr8 algebra JW13 is doing is doing MY head in!

      Hope the car gets fixed for reals this time!

      I am so contemplating swapping my kids to the master bedroom. I think it'd make life so much easier, just have to convince Husband.


      1. I have to sit my test this weekend and I can move onto Summation Notation... which looks to be just as difficult! But I can say that I am now confident in my algebra haha

        The big swap was well worth it! The kids now have room in their bedroom to move around, we have one laundry/toy room and I have a small room which is totally OK with me!