Monday, April 30, 2012

What is your time sucker?

For me, it's Facebook. Who's messaged me, who's commented on my last status, who liked my photos, who's uploaded new photos, who's posted that awesome link, who's blog post pops up in my feed, who's having a crappy day that I can talk to... it's constant.

People go to the shop, then update their status "Just went to the shop, now I'm home and will be relaxing". Yup, great. I could totally have gone all day without knowing that but for some reason Facebook encourages sharing of the silly things. These silly things are taking up my time.

I do some study, then check Facebook.
I put some washing on, then check Facebook.
I stack the dishwasher, then check Facebook.
I read the kids a book, then check Facebook.

You get the picture?

So as of today I am no longer on Facebook. Sure, I could stay on Facebook but I lack the self control to stop checking it every 10 seconds.

You know what else I miss. The text messages, the phone calls, the cups of coffee with friends. These things stop happening once you're connected on Facebook. Because suddenly I know that Freddie has a new tooth, and you know that Elijah started sleeping all night. There is no need to call up for a chat and catch up because you already know the ins and outs of everyone's lives.

Today I've had no Facebook. I've managed to walk the kids to school, day care, take a stroll to the shop and home, clean my house, do washing, play with Elijah, study and even watched an hour of TV. All before 1pm.

One step towards improving our lives.


  1. Good for you Hun. It's funny because if you run into someone you haven't physically seen in a while they will often say "yeah I saw that on Facebook". I guess I'm sort of busy in Facebook with two blog pages as well as a personal page, but that's the thing I rarely update my personal page with statuses. Now I have networked logs set up I have less time to be needing to check fb.

    1. It's like that, isn't it? So many people have their whole business on FB too! Crazy times.